The Outdoor Classroom

Go outdoors and experience the warmth of the sun, the whisper of the wind, the kiss of the rain, the beauty of the sky, the song of the birds, the fragrance of the blooms…


There are many benefits to exploring the world outdoors.  For example: connecting with nature enables children to develop a love for it and to respect it; it develops a variety of gross/fine motor, social, language and cognitive skills; it’s liberating; it fosters better health.  A child (adults too) who plays outdoors will have better cognitive function, more self-discipline and impulse control and greater resilience in response to stressful life events (National Recreation and Park Association, 2010).


Edward O. Wilson, a sociobiologist, hypothesizes that humans are innately drawn to other living things, that biophilia, “love of nature/living organisms,” is our evolutionary inheritance. (2008)


Remember:  “All things bright and beautiful, all things great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.”  Nature gives us “aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and even spiritual meaning and satisfaction.” (Kellert & Wilson 1993, 20)


Go outdoors and play, explore or relax.  You will grow in body, mind and spirit.


 Ms. Carol

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