Art with Ms. Kim

Weekly Class Time, Threes-Kindergarten

Art is one of the most significant and culturally consistent ways people show how they view the world. Art education encourages the ability to value one's creative efforts and the creativity of  others. At All Saints School, children learn the elements of art through a variety of projects. They develop confidence in using art materials and methods, and they learn pertinent art vocabulary from viewing artworks and learning about the artists who created them. 


Music with Ms. Jennifer

Weekly Class Time, Infants-Kindergarten

Music engages every part of the brain. Music classes at All Saints are so much more than singing; the children are participating in creative movement, sequencing, counting, pitch exploration and matching and storytelling. Additionally, gross and fine motor coordination and self-regulation skills are reinforced through musical games. The children are exposed to classic children's music, as well as folk, holiday and chapel songs.


Spanish with Ms. Carol

Weekly Class Time, Pre-K & Kindergarten

All young children are language learners. They begin to understand words long before they begin speaking. There are many benefits to learning more than one language: it enhances cognitive development, it fosters the ability to excel in reading and literacy, and it promotes the ability to experience an elevated level of curiosity and social engagement. Spanish at All Saints incorporates repetition and active engagement, music and movement and nonverbal communication with vocabulary words in a positive, fun and loving environment.


Outdoor Classroom with Ms. Carol

Weekly Class Time, Young Ones-Kindergarten

There are many benefits to exploring the world outdoors. Connecting with nature enables children to develop a love for it and to respect it; it develops a variety of gross/fine motor, social, language and cognitive skills; it’s liberating; it fosters better health. A child (adults too) who plays outdoors will have better cognitive function, more self-discipline and impulse control and greater resilience in response to stressful life events. The best gifts we can give a child are the space, time and opportunity to move, explore and create, and Outdoor Classroom offers just that!


Yoga with Ms. Karen

Pre-K: Monthly Class Time

Kindergarten: Weekly Class Time

Children come into this world as natural yogis. Yoga enhances a child's flexibility, coordination, strength and body awareness. Our children live in a busy world with constant stimulation, and yoga helps them establish relaxation techniques, create inner contentment and build self-esteem. Yoga at All Saints includes poses, games, songs, Bible verses and the practice of calm breathing.